2019/04/10 | Milo Hsieh

OPINION: Taiwan’s Traditional Thinking Hinders Its Plans for Economic Innovation

Taiwan wants to leap into the future of global tech innovation. It must start by addressing questions over the legacy of its authoritarian past.

2018/08/27 | Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine

Taichung's Machinery Industry Smartens Up amid 5+2 Transformation Drive

Taiwan's plans to push its machine tools industry into the next phase are taking shape in Taichung.

2018/06/25 | AsiaGlobal Online

STUDY: Culture a Major Barrier to Digitizing Asia's Fashion Factories

A study on a factory in Thailand shows how with the right corporate culture, digitization can empower textiles workers.

2017/11/10 | Martin Hiesboeck

The Dangerous Arrogance of Taiwan's New Southbound Push

Taiwan's New Southbound Policy smacks of colonial arrogance and misallocates company resources. Taiwan must focus on profitable markets rather than convenient geographies.

2017/09/27 | David Green

McKinsey to Taiwan's Execs: Digitalize or Die

Taiwan is running out of time to stay competitive as the rest of the world embraces digitalization and the productivity gains it entails. It's about time the people at the top of its companies put digital at the center of their business strategy.

2016/11/22 | David Green

Taiwan Missing Domestic Industry 4.0 Opportunities

How can Taiwan’s sporting goods companies adopt the practices of Industry 4.0 pioneers in Taiwan and abroad?