冰島(冰島語:Ísland)是北大西洋中的一個島國,位於北大西洋和北冰洋的交匯處,通常被視為北歐五國之一。 --來自 維基百科


2020/12/30 | Bryan Chou

Unraveling Taiwan’s Stories of Pain and Tears: An Interview with Aephie Chen

Many Taiwanese may lament that European audiences understand their hometown as no more than a remote island in Asia, but Chen took it as an opportunity to construct Taiwan’s identity with cinema.

2016/11/21 | Olivia Yang

Taiwanese Citizen Classified 'Stateless' on Iceland Residence Permit

Lee says at least being 'stateless' means Iceland authorities agree with her that ‘Taiwan is not part of China.’