工業技術研究院(簡稱工研院,英文簡寫:ITRI),為中華民國經濟部成立的公設財團法人,在臺北市、新竹市、新竹縣、臺中市、南投縣、臺南市等地皆設有院區或辦事處,是台灣最大的產業技術研發機構。 --來自 維基百科


2017/10/26 | Matthew Fulco

Taiwan's Artificial Intelligence Adventure

Taiwan has huge potential as a cradle of artificial intelligence solutions, but so far its notable successes have come from start-ups like Appier rather than government-backed initiatives. Now, as the government opens the coffers to encourage investment in self-driving cars and AI healthcare, the race is on for Taiwan to develop an AI ecosystem that can compete on a global stage.