資訊科技(英語:Information Technology,縮寫:IT)也稱資訊和通訊技術(Information and Communications Technology,ICT),是主要用於管理和處理資訊所採用的各種技術總稱,主要是應用計算機科學和通訊技術來設計、開發、安裝和部署資訊系統及應用軟體。 --來自 維基百科


2017/12/29 | Timothy Ferry

Internet of Things Infrastructure Advances in Taiwan

Sigfox's rollout of low power wide area network infrastructure heralds a new phase in the development of Taiwan's IOT ecosystem.

2016/07/28 | Shuhei Omi

Price Warfare Harming Taiwan's IT Sector, Academic Says

A National Taiwan University academic criticizes 'outdated' government subsidies and the direction of the Taiwanese IT sector.