2017/12/07 | Nate Maynard

OPINION: The Devastating Human Costs of Taiwan’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The true or 'natural' cost of burning coal is off the charts, not least in terms of negative impacts on health and climate.

2017/10/27 | Peiyuan Lan

China's Double-edged Debt Conundrum

China certainly has debt problems, but regulatory crackdowns and signs of health among China's largest companies should give doomsayers pause for thought.

2016/10/09 | Mike Callaghan

Specter of Protectionism Looms over IMF-World Bank Meetings

Ministers attending the IMF/World Bank meetings may not be able to influence the views of Trump and his supporters, but they could share a common resolve to avoid the spread of 'economic malpractice.'