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2020/01/22 | Mongabay
Award-Winning Environmental Editor Arrested in Indonesia
Mongabay editor Philip Jacobson was detained in Indonesia on December 17, 2019 over an alleged issue with his business visa.
2018/08/16 | Coco Dollanganger
PHILIPPINES: Fear and Whispers Swirl amid HIV Epidemic
Public health agencies and the Catholic Church are caught in a moral battle as HIV infection rates continue to rise. Family members of the deceased, who frequently fail to get tested, are left only with questions.
2018/06/30 | Nick Aspinwall
Taiwan's New Southbound Push Risks Duterte Drug War Complicity
A Filipino fugitive awaits deportation in Taipei on drug charges, illustrating how the Tsai administration's New Southbound Policy’s fails to consider human rights.
2017/06/14 | Phil Robertson
OP-ED: Vietnam Stripping Blogger of Citizenship is Outrageous
The international community, especially aid donors to Vietnam, must tell Hanoi that this abuse cannot be allowed to stand, writes Phil Robertson.
2017/05/03 | Brad Adams
OPINION: Thailand, Where is Prawet Prapanukul?
There are fears a prominent human rights lawyer has been disappeared in Thailand.
2017/01/13 | TNL Staff
The Rise of Demagogues and the Risk of a Dark Age Extends to Asia
A tour around the worsening human rights situation facing many countries in Asia.
2016/12/06 | Edward White
China’s Secretive Detention System Exposed
In January 2013, Xi, just months after taking office, warned officials that the fight against the endemic corruption in China would be 'long-term, complicated and arduous.'
2016/10/13 | Edward White
Report Slams Malaysia’s Crackdown on Free Speech, Political Dissent
An international human rights watchdog has slammed Malaysia’s ongoing crackdown on free speech and political dissent.
2016/09/30 | Edward White
China's Human Rights Plan: A 'Triumph of Form over Substance'
Orwellian doublespeak? Does China's latest human rights plan mark significant progress or reflect a gap between rhetoric and reality?