2017/09/23 | TNL Staff

Lodging in Taipei: A Journey into History

'Good Eye Taipei' recommends unique hotels and hostels in Taipei.

2017/07/16 | Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine

A Trio of Taiwan's Offbeat Hotels

'Taiwan boasts an outsized number of hotels whose weirdness is either immediately evident or lies just beneath the surface.'

2016/10/20 | Kyodo News

Capsule Hotels in Japan Evolve, Reaching Out to Foreign Tourists, Women

A new breed of lodging featuring capsule hotels' signature stack of sleeping capsules is focusing on women, younger travelers and foreign tourists as well as men seeking more than the bare minimum.

2016/07/11 | Matthew Fulco

Taiwan's Hotel Sector Faces Day of Reckoning

The boom of the last eight years is coming to an end as Chinese tourists decline and hotel oversupply grows more severe.