Hon Hai

鴻海科技集團(英語譯名:Foxconn Technology Group),是由臺灣企業家郭台銘創辦的跨國企業,總部位於台灣新北市土城區,主要生產地在中國大陸,以富士康(Foxconn)做為商標名稱。 --來自 維基百科


2022/07/25 | Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine

Will Foxconn Pivot Away From China?

Aggressive local competition and rising geopolitical risk make the contract electronics manufacturing giant’s China dependency more precarious than ever.

2018/12/07 | Saigoneer

Taiwan's Foxconn Is Considering Opening an iPhone Factory in Vietnam

The Taiwanese technology giant previously expressed an interest in evading the US-China trade war.

2017/06/02 | Central News Agency

Humans Need Not Apply: Taiwan Company at Forefront of Automation Age with 60,000 Robots Making iPhones

The world's largest contract electronics maker has five "lights-out" factories that are fully automated and require no onsite human presence.