北海道(日語:北海道/ほっかいどう〔ほくかいだう〕 Hokkaidō */?, 發音)是日本最北端的一級行政區,亦是日本現時唯一以「道」取名的行政區劃,道廳所在地是札幌市。 --來自 維基百科


2020/11/25 | Deutsche Welle

Coronavirus: Next Two Weeks ‘Critical’ for Japan

As cases begin an upswing into a third wave in Japan, experts fear that too many Japanese people have become indifferent to the dangers posed by the virus and are taking more risks.

2017/04/17 | FORTUNE

Japan Faces Dire Potato-Chip Crunch

Japan's potato harvest has fallen short, forcing chip makers to halt production.