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2016/08/16 | Rikki Kersten

Akihito: A Challenge for Japan's Nationalists

'Some analysts argue that Akihito has spent his 28-year reign atoning for the war that was waged in his father Hirohito’s name.'

2016/08/03 | Edward White

Is Taiwan Heading into a Legal Nightmare Over the KMT’s Assets?

The KMT’s ill-gotten assets may be difficult to reclaim if they have changed hands over the years, a London-based lawyer says.

2016/08/02 | Steven Crook

Chimei Museum’s Violins and Tools of Violence

Industrialist Shi Wen-long shares his eclectic and fascinating collection of art and artifacts through his private museum.

2016/07/07 | ZiQing Low

Netizens Unimpressed as Ma Meddles in Cross-Strait Affairs

Former president Ma riled Taiwanese netizens today after saying that Taiwan and China should share historical records on the Second Sino-Japanese War.

2016/06/17 | Bruce Jacobs

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Taiwan: Is It Necessary?

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission would have to make explicit how the government of Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo was colonial, in that it was rule by outsiders in the interests of outsiders.