嘻哈(英語:Hip hop),是1970年代源自紐約市南布朗克斯與哈林區的非洲裔及拉丁裔青年之間的一種邊緣性次文化,繼而發展壯大成為新興藝術型態,並席捲全球。 --來自 維基百科


2018/01/28 | TNL Staff

Week in Focus: Down and Dirty in Davos

Global elites meet in Switzerland as Taiwan wanders off in its own direction.

2017/09/19 | Kenrick Davis

Chinese Rap Breaking Free of Mandarin

While some dialect rappers regard their art as an avenue to fame and fortune, for others, it is a tool for promoting and protecting local language and culture.

2017/07/01 | Yin Yijun

Hip-Hop Lovers Say China’s First Rap Talent Show Is Out of Tune

A new reality show seeks to bring hip-hop to the forefront of the country’s music scene, but not without pushback.

2017/05/28 | Saigoneer

Viet Rap Meets French Hip-Hop

As Vietnam’s underground hip-hop scene begins to emerge into the spotlight, one of its rising stars joins forces with an up-and-coming foreign artist to create a track for worldwide release.