Hillary Clinton

希拉蕊·黛安·羅德姆·柯林頓(英語:Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton,1947年10月26日-),美國民主黨籍女性政治人物及律師,生於伊利諾州芝加哥,畢業於威爾斯利學院及耶魯大學法學院,是美國前總統比爾·柯林頓的夫人,曾隨其丈夫的職務變遷擔任過阿肯色州及美國第一夫人。 --來自 維基百科


2016/11/10 | David Paulk

Shanghai Wonders Why Trump Victory Was Such a Shock

As Americans bemoan and celebrate their new commander in chief, many Chinese aren’t surprised by the outcome.

2016/11/09 | Emma Connors

Trump: The Rogue Candidate's Shock Victory

'So how did we go from hope to change in 2008 to the gutter in 2016? That’s something for the media and social scientists to research and study.'

2016/11/09 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Reacts to U.S. Presidential Election Results

Taiwan's President Tsai says she is looking forward to working with President-elect Trump.

2016/10/12 | Sumit Kumar

How India Views the U.S. President Elections

Which candidate would be best for the future of Indo-American relations? An expert shares his views.

2016/03/10 | Jeffrey Tsai

Recap of the US Presidential Primaries: Trump and Clinton in the Lead, Sanders is the Dark Horse

·Trump is increasingly likely to become the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. ·Sanders has had a string of wins, capped with the upset at Michigan, that threatens Clinton’s current lead for the nomination race.