海恩斯莫里斯服飾(瑞典語:Hennes & Mauritz AB,瑞典語發音:[ˈhɛ̂nːɛs ɔ ˈmǎʊrɪts],縮寫為H&M,[ˈhôːɛm])是瑞典的跨國時裝公司,總部位於斯德哥爾摩,於亞洲、歐洲和美國等多個國家都設有分店,產品以平價而知名。 --來自 維基百科


2021/03/26 | Deutsche Welle

China Goes After Western Retailers Over Xinjiang Cotton

China’s wrath at Swedish retailer H&M and Nike sportswear over their past remarks on “forced labor” in cotton-hub Xinjiang has expanded to other Western brands. The criticism comes hot on the heels of fresh sanctions.

2016/07/21 | Edward White

Zara, H&M, Gap Suppliers Abuse Chinese Workers: Report

An undercover investigation shows that workers at Chinese factories supplying major fast-fashion labels face low wages, excessive overtime, and unsafe working conditions despite the labels’ claims to having ethical supply chains.