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《環球時報》(英語:Global Times),是人民日報社主辦的國際新聞報紙,於1993年1月在北京創辦,擁有《環球時報》中文版、英文版、環球網、環球輿情調查中心及子報《生命時報》《諷刺與幽默》,在中國大陸具有相當的影響力。 --來自 維基百科

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2020/10/08 | Voice of America

KMT Reversal Prompts Fresh Chinese War Threat Against Taiwan

The Kuomintang has urged the government to actively pursue restoration of formal diplomatic ties with Washington, eliciting a bellicose response from Chinese state media.

2020/09/10 | Will Peyton

What Is China’s Polar Strategy?

The central question surrounding the Xuelong 2 seems to be whether it is an innocuous display of China’s soft power or signals geopolitical storms to come.