垃圾合唱團(英語:Garbage)於1994年成立於美國威斯康辛州,由製作人Butch Vig領軍,夥同Duke Erikson、Steve Marker,再加上一頭招牌紅髮的名模女主唱Shirley Manson,成為一支知名度與潮流領導力並存的搖滾樂團。 --來自 維基百科


2016/07/25 | Bing-sheng Lee

Fake Tourist Spot in Taiwan Raises Environmental Awareness

A campaign featuring a non-existing scenic spot has been launched to address the increasingly serious trash problem on Orchid Island.

2015/12/14 | Yuan

Three Million Disposable Cups Consumed Annually for Marathons in Taiwan

According to marathon regulations, the organizer should set up one water station at every five kilometers. This results in one runner consuming 10 to 15 disposable cups throughout the race. Two to three million cups are disposed among the over 100 marathons held in Taiwan each year.