二十大工業國(英語:Group of Twenty,縮寫:G20)是一個國際經濟合作論壇,於1999年9月26日在德國柏林成立,由七國集團(加拿大、美國、英國、法國、德國、義大利、日本)、金磚五國(巴西、俄羅斯、印度、中國、南非)、七個重要經濟體(墨西哥、阿根廷、土耳其、沙烏地阿拉伯、韓國、印度尼西亞、澳洲)及歐洲聯盟組成。 --來自 維基百科


2022/11/10 | The Interpreter

Countdown to Asia’s Summit Season

Conflict in Myanmar and Ukraine against a backdrop of U.S.‑China tension – a crowded agenda will unfold in coming weeks.

2022/01/18 | The Interpreter

Australia Has a Solution to Indonesia’s Soaring Food Prices

As Indonesia takes the G20 presidency solving the country’s food security crisis should be top of the agenda.

2016/09/06 | Olivia Yang

Hangzhou G20 Concludes With Uncertain Results

Highlights surrounding the 2016 G20 summit that just concluded in Hangzou.

2016/09/06 | Tristram Sainsbury

Hangzhou G20 Summit: Big on Spectacle, Low on Substance

China’s first G20 Summit was a big show. But, right down to the unanticipated delay in releasing a communiqué for several hours, it will not go down as a smooth one.

2016/09/02 | J. Michael Cole

Taiwanese, Hong Kongers and Uighurs Not Welcome Near G20

Chinese authorities are making sure that no ‘troublemaker’ will be able to use the gathering of leaders to draw global attention to their causes.

2016/09/02 | ZiQing Low

The G20 Summit: Six Things to Watch For

President Xi will use his home-field advantage to ‘tell the world about the China ideology, China’s viewpoint and the China plan.’

2016/08/30 | Hsu Chia-yu

China Clears Hangzhou Skies, Silences Critic Ahead of G20 Summit

China’s preparations for next week's G20 summit have involved hundreds of factories being shut down and the detention of at least one civil servant.

2016/08/08 | Edward White

Pressure Mounts on China to End 'Show Trials’ Ahead of G20 Summit

After a week of televised ‘confessions’ and convictions, fears are mounting for China’s remaining incarcerated human rights activists and one NGO is trying to get world leaders to take notice.