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2017/03/28 | TNL Staff
Riot Breaks Out in Paris After Police Kill Chinese Man
Witnesses say the police used batons and tear gas to break up the group.
2016/07/15 | Yuan-ling Liang
Start-ups, Daily Flights and New Pact Strengthen Taiwan-France Relations
Relations between Taiwan and France are strengthening with a working holiday pact, start-up collaboration and an uptick in direct fights between Paris and Taipei.
2015/12/27 | Kenzo
China Might Deport French Journalist for Article on China's Race Policy
French journalist of L'Obs magazine, Ursula Gauthier, which was published on November 18, accused the Chinese authorities of using the Paris attacks to justify the repression in Xinjiang. She believes the reason Beijing claims to stand with Paris is to win international support to justify crackdowns on the Uighur people.
2015/11/24 | Yang
Former Taiwan Representative to France Impresses the French with Taiwanese Glove Puppetry
Taiwan's former representative to France, Lu Qing-lon (Michel Lu), says, "You don't need to remember Ambassador Lu. But after you see and hear my speech and performance, I guarantee that you will remember that this is Taiwan."