芬蘭共和國(芬蘭語:Suomen tasavalta,瑞典語:Republiken Finland),通稱「芬蘭」(芬蘭語:Suomi,瑞典語:Finland, 雙語發音),是北歐國家,也是個雙語國家,瑞典語和芬蘭語平等成為芬蘭官方語言。 --來自 維基百科


2022/12/07 | Voice of America

China Begins to Revive Arctic Scientific Ground Projects After Setbacks

Arctic researchers say China recently has sent and announced plans to imminently send several people to its two most important scientific outposts in Norway and Iceland after lengthy absences of Chinese scientists from both sites.

2022/09/02 | Voice of America

Biden to Name Arctic Ambassador as China Eyes Region

The United States and Nordic nations are growing wary of the risks of China's expanding influence in the Arctic. China considers itself a “near-Arctic state.”

2016/11/22 | Hélène Belaunde

What Must Change Isn't Necessarily The Taiwan Education System, But The Values

A group of senior high school students from Yilan in northern Taiwan held a series of presentations on Nov. 12 and 13, during which they shared the knowledge and insight gained through an experiential education trip to Europe.