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2018/07/13 | David Green
Taiwan Rocks RISE with Startup Team Demos – Part 1
Taiwan Startup Stadium presented a high quality and diverse line up of startup talent, starting with fintech, AI and loyalty app offerings.
2017/07/27 | David Green
A Cryptocurrency Implosion in Taiwan
David Green dissects the anatomy of a new cryptocurrency unraveling in Taiwan, leaving investors stranded without their cash.
The Need for Speed: Taiwan Taking the Slow Road on Fintech
So far, regulators have been more concerned about the risks of financial innovation than the rewards.
Ponzi or Pioneering : The Future of Fintech in China
Public sentiment towards internet finance has moved the full gamut from fever pitch to fear.
2016/08/19 | Edward White
Taiwan's Uber Saga Casts Doubt on Readiness for Digital Future
It is unlikely that the popular ride-sharing service Uber will be kicked out of the country, but the Taiwanese government will continue to fine the company for operating illegally. Are lawmakers scrambling to find measures to deal with new disruptive technologies?