時尚(英語:fashion)又稱時髦、潮流、摩登,是在特定時間和特定環境下的一種流行的美學表達,特別是在服裝、鞋類、配飾、髮型、化妝品、身材比例和生活方式等。 --來自 維基百科


2018/06/25 | AsiaGlobal Online

STUDY: Culture a Major Barrier to Digitizing Asia's Fashion Factories

A study on a factory in Thailand shows how with the right corporate culture, digitization can empower textiles workers.

2017/09/09 | TNL 編輯

A Year-Round Guide to Taipei Design Events

Design events have become a new phenomenon for Taipei locals. From fashion to handcrafted goods, the city is far from short of artsy affairs.

2017/07/06 | Saigoneer

Black Teeth: How Vietnam's Hottest Beauty Regimen Went from Vogue to Obscurity

Once the hallmark of youthful beauty in Vietnam, nowadays dyeing one’s teeth black is a dying custom that can only be spotted in the country’s oldest generation.

2017/04/05 | Beyonder Times

Cross-Cultural Ambassador: Swaziland Sisters’ Fashion Dream

When African culture meets Austronesian culture in fashion, what kind of sparks will you expect? LIHIYA might give you some clues.

2017/03/01 | Eric Grundhauser

When High-Class Ladies Wore Masks that Made It Impossible to Speak

In the 16th century, avoiding a sunburn meant being mute and looking super creepy.

2016/11/17 | Nina Huang

Why Localization Is Essential for Chinese Fashion to Go Global

The case of Taoray Wang shows how a lack of foreign market expertise can hinder the growth of designer brands in China.

2016/07/27 | Shuhei Omi

UNIQLO Hijab: Giving Taiwan's Muslims Choices in Mainstream Apparel

Taiwan’s Islamic community has welcomed the move by UNIQLO to supply 'modest fashion' in Taiwan, including the hijab.

2016/07/27 | Kathy Cheng

Taiwan Fashion Label Goes to Paris

An online-only boutique producing fashion at a studio in Taoyuan, Taiwan, has appeared in fashion publications like and British Vogue.

2016/07/21 | Edward White

Zara, H&M, Gap Suppliers Abuse Chinese Workers: Report

An undercover investigation shows that workers at Chinese factories supplying major fast-fashion labels face low wages, excessive overtime, and unsafe working conditions despite the labels’ claims to having ethical supply chains.