自由貿易協定(Free Trade Agreement)
自由貿易區(Free Trade Area)
美國聯邦交通管理局(Federal Transit Administration)
故障樹分析(Fault Tree Analysis),即在系統設計過程中,通過對可能造成系統故障的各種因素(包括硬體、軟體、環境、人為因素等)進行分析,畫出邏輯流程圖(即故障樹),從而確定系統故障原因的各種可能組合及其發生概率,以計算系統故障概率,採取相應的糾正措施,提高系統可靠性的一種設計分析方法。 --來自 維基百科


2017/03/02 | Michael Reilly

BREXIT, China and the Prospects for an FTA

Would an FTA between the UK and China make any significant difference to existing trade patterns?

2015/12/07 | 關鍵評論網 ASEAN:Indochina

Cambodian Water Festival Canceled As Political Tensions Rise

Cambodia’s water festival is a tradition that draws hundreds of thousands to the capital for its boat races on the Tonlé Sap, where the lake water starts draining back to the rivers due to the end of the monsoon. Officials state that the cancellation is due to the low level of the river and drought, but many people doubt the saying.