國際大學運動總會(法語:Fédération internationale du sport universitaire,縮寫FISU,簡稱國際大學體總)是負責協調超過100個國家的大學生體育活動的國際組織,總部設於瑞士的洛桑。 --來自 維基百科


2017/10/28 | Chris Horton

Taipei's 'Perfect' Universiade Performance

Despite initial organizational uncertainties, Taipei showed its best face to visitors at the Universiade this summer, impressing a host of delegations with typical hospitality and respect.

2017/04/19 | Marcus P. Chu.

Cross-Strait Relations and Taiwan’s Five Bids for the World University Summer Games

After Taiwan joined the World University Summer Games, China’s role in the five bids determined the Taiwanese cities’ failures and success.