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2018/07/09 | Policy Forum
The Truth Behind China's World Football Ambitions
Is China already a soccer superpower? Lucrative corporate partnerships have more than picked up the slack for its 75th ranked men's national team.
2018/06/14 | Policy Forum
Chinese Firms Venture into Russia 2018 World Cup Sponsorship Breach
Chinese companies like Wanda and Vivo do not fear to tread in the footprints of scandal that have deterred Western sponsors.
2018/01/05 | Simon Chadwick
China's FIFA World Cup is Inevitable
Despite their national team's defeats, China's influence over the world of soccer is on the rise.
2017/06/24 | Simon Chadwick
The World Cup is a Global Political Football
Will the 2022 World Cup need to find a new host country? Simon Chadwick takes a look at the controversial decision to host in the Gulf state, and those that would see it played elsewhere.
2017/04/29 | Simon Chadwick
China’s World Cup Bid: Playing for Time
Will China really have the patience to wait 20 years to realize its World Cup dream? Simon Chadwick takes a look at the bidding game.
2016/06/15 | J. Michael Cole
Sports Event Rules and the Double Standards of the Taiwan Strait
FIFA and other sports organizations have strict rules against the display of political, religious, or abusive slogans during international matches. Those rules are also flagrantly biased.