2017/09/15 | Sidney Jones

The Danger of a Revitalized Insurgency in the Philippines

Addressing security concerns without undue militarization is going to be tricky...

2017/09/12 | Jacqui True

Are Women the Key to Stopping Terrorism in Asia?

Governments should provide support for both international and national women’s organisations working to stabilize communities and prevent terrorism and violent extremism.

2017/04/18 | Matteo Vergani

The Alarming Truth About Countering Violent Extremism: We Don't Know What Works

Community-based CVE programs should move towards high-quality impact assessment because ultimately this is the only way to know what works, what doesn't work, and whether there are unintended consequences in the target population.

2017/03/05 | Hussain Nadim

How Islamic Extremism Seeped into Rural Australia

Extremism has reached rural Australia which prompts a fresh look at the three drivers: ideology, economics, and politics, says Hussain Nadim.

2016/11/02 | Sidney Jones

Why Indonesian Religious Extremists are Gaining Ground

Indonesia’s spineless political leaders have allowed extremists to seize the momentum and foment religious hatred.