European Union

歐洲聯盟(英語:European Union;西班牙語:Unión Europea; 法語:Union européenne;德語:Europäische Union),簡稱歐盟(英語:EU;西班牙語:UE;法語:UE;德語:EU),是歐洲多國共同建立的政治及經濟聯盟,現擁有27個成員國,正式官方語言有24種。 --來自 維基百科


2022/01/18 | Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taiwan’s Plan to Cement Its Newfound Alliance With Lithuania

Taiwan’s investment plan for Lithuania needs to be economically sound, and cannot rely simply on geopolitical conflict.

2021/12/02 | Deutsche Welle

EU, China Race To Secure Green Projects in Southeast Asia

The EU and China have pledged to boost funding of green investment projects in ASEAN. But will these erstwhile partners, whose relations have soured over the past year, be able to work side by side?

2017/07/31 | Silvia Menegazzi

The Trials of Keeping the International System Afloat: EU–China Relations in the Trump Era

In a post-Brexit scenario, the EU strategy of prioritizing democracy-first, rule-of-law and human rights discourses with China may not be sustainable over economic pragmatism.