歐羅巴洲(希臘語:Ευρώπη),簡稱歐洲,字源於希臘神話的「歐羅巴」(希臘語:Ευρώπης),是世界第六大洲,面積10,180,000平方公里(3,931,000平方英里),人口742,073,853(2017年),是世界人口第三多的洲,僅次於亞洲和非洲,人口密度平均每平方公里70人,共有50個已獨立的主權國家。 --來自 維基百科

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2020/07/03 | Deutsche Welle

Electronic Waste: When Billions in Gold, Other Precious Materials Are Discarded

Record levels of e-waste were produced globally in 2019, weighing the same as 350 mega cruise ships, a UN report shows. The surge in global e-waste is not only a major environmental risk but also a health hazard.

2020/03/23 | Milo Hsieh

They Told Me to Go Back to China. Then Came the Coronavirus.

A Taiwanese student studying in Europe recounts his experience in the weeks leading up to the global lockdown.