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2020/07/03 | Deutsche Welle
Electronic Waste: When Billions in Gold, Other Precious Materials Are Discarded
Record levels of e-waste were produced globally in 2019, weighing the same as 350 mega cruise ships, a UN report shows. The surge in global e-waste is not only a major environmental risk but also a health hazard.
2020/03/23 | Milo Hsieh
They Told Me to Go Back to China. Then Came the Coronavirus.
A Taiwanese student studying in Europe recounts his experience in the weeks leading up to the global lockdown.
2018/04/12 | The Interpreter
Europe Frets over Impact of Chinese Money
One Belt One Road is coming to Europe, but reactions to the infrastructure spending are mixed across the continent.
2017/07/09 | Henrik Selin.
Trump’s Exit of Paris Climate Accord Strengthens China and Europe
On global climate change cooperation and a growing number of other foreign policy issues, American exceptionalism now increasingly means that the United States stands largely alone in the world.
2017/07/06 | Gary Wilson
Book Review: A New History of the Holocaust
Drawing on 25 years of research, 'The Holocaust: A New History' offers a new major treatment of the Holocaust that traces events in their entirety from their origins to their horrifying conclusions. Gary Wilson praises Laurence Rees for this eminently readable account, which offers definitive insight into this appalling history.
2017/05/26 | Ivana Casaburi
China's Eye Turns to Southern Europe
Even though the Chinese economy is growing less than in the previous years, China continues to increase its investment abroad in order to cover the needs of its new economic model.
2016/11/22 | Hélène Belaunde
What Must Change Isn't Necessarily The Taiwan Education System, But The Values
A group of senior high school students from Yilan in northern Taiwan held a series of presentations on Nov. 12 and 13, during which they shared the knowledge and insight gained through an experiential education trip to Europe.
2016/10/26 | Daniel Worker
Trumpism in Europe
'Thanks to a litany of outright lies and nationalist flag-waving, a majority of Brits were convinced it was possible to wind back time to the glory days of the empire'