埃及阿拉伯共和國(阿拉伯語:جمهوريّة مصرالعربيّة‎, 發音),通稱埃及,是東北非洲人口最多的國家,面積為1,001,450平方公里,2020年2月人口突破1億。 --來自 維基百科


2016/12/19 | Sarah Laskow

Defy Age Using a 3,600-Year-Old Face Cream Recipe with a Deadly Ingredient

The ancient Egyptians were far ahead of their time in skin-care science.

2015/12/16 | TNL香港編輯

China Holds One-Fourth of the Imprisoned Journalists Worldwide

This year, the total number of imprisoned journalists in the world is 199 and a quarter of them are in China. Daily Mail reports, currently China has imprisoned 49 journalists. This is a record high since the Committee to Protect Journalists started the annual report in 1990.