Donald Trump

唐納·約翰·川普(英語:Donald John Trump;1946年6月14日-),美國政治人物,第45任美國總統。 --來自 維基百科


2017/03/16 | Stephen Costello

Trump and Xi on Dangerous Ground Amid THAAD Blowback

Even a relatively inexperienced South Korean president, taking office after the policy upheavals of the past two decades, would not permit their administration to start under a cloud of subservience to China, to the United States or to their disgraced predecessor.

2017/02/23 | Ted Gover

Trump's 'America First' is Unlikely to Shake Up the Asia Pacific

While 'America First' serves as a break from the past — particularly in trade policy — it is improbable that it will radically shake up ties with Asia-Pacific partners.

2017/02/16 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Trump — Paper Tiger or Not?

A paper tiger is a person who appears threatening, but is ineffectual. Does Trump fit the bill?

2016/12/19 | Robert E Kelly

Northeast Asia: Five Big Security Shifts in 2016

It's time to look back on the biggest stories in the always tense Northeast Asia region.

2016/12/16 | Johan van de Ven

Why a Trump Presidency Could Be a Boon for China

The U.S. president-elect’s erratic behavior gives China the chance to lead on trade, climate change, and defense.

2016/12/11 | Mario Rustan

From Gamergate to Trump: How Misogyny Ruins the World

The victory of Trump is not only a backlash against globalization or against the digital economy but also against feminism.

2016/12/09 | Nicholas Z. Scott

How China’s College Students Are Reacting to Trump

My students’ questions about the US election result range from the awestruck to the deeply concerned.

2016/12/08 | Lin Fei-fan, Chen Wei-ting and June Lin

Recognizing Taiwan Does Not ‘Damage’ the US

We are puzzled why many commentators have treated Trump’s move as an 'affront' to authoritarian China rather than consider the possibility of normalizing relations with a democratic nation of 23 million people, many of whom share deep affinities with the United States.

2016/12/07 | Martin Parkinson

The Business of US Economic Diplomacy in Asia

Despite some shortcomings, the U.S. model of economic diplomacy is still the right bet for the region.

2016/12/06 | The Japan Times

Worrying Signals About Trump’s Diplomacy

For some, Trump’s disregard for precedent and protocol is refreshing and amusing; for many others, his actions are troubling and dangerous.

2016/11/25 | Brian Hioe

Terry Gou: Taiwan's Donald Trump?

'If the KMT seeks to seriously put Terry Gou forward as a presidential candidate, that would only further accentuate the party’s present political crisis.'

2016/11/10 | David Paulk

Shanghai Wonders Why Trump Victory Was Such a Shock

As Americans bemoan and celebrate their new commander in chief, many Chinese aren’t surprised by the outcome.

2016/11/09 | Emma Connors

Trump: The Rogue Candidate's Shock Victory

'So how did we go from hope to change in 2008 to the gutter in 2016? That’s something for the media and social scientists to research and study.'

2016/11/09 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Reacts to U.S. Presidential Election Results

Taiwan's President Tsai says she is looking forward to working with President-elect Trump.

2016/10/24 | Mike Lee

'Just Win, Baby'

Good luck trying to tell Messrs Trump and Davis and the Communist Party to start learning how to lose.

2016/10/12 | Sumit Kumar

How India Views the U.S. President Elections

Which candidate would be best for the future of Indo-American relations? An expert shares his views.

2016/10/10 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Putin, Trump and the Troubling Claims of ‘Rigged’ Election

Donald Trump is playing with dynamite when he claims that the November election will be 'rigged' and that he might not accept the results when polls close.