丹麥(丹麥語:Danmark),是北歐國家和主權國家丹麥王國(丹麥語:Kongeriget Danmark)下的主要構成國,政體為君主立憲制下的議會民主制,首都在哥本哈根,與丹麥王國架構下的兩個構成國法羅群島和格陵蘭組成丹麥王國,是全球最北端的國家。 --來自 維基百科


2022/09/02 | Voice of America

Biden to Name Arctic Ambassador as China Eyes Region

The United States and Nordic nations are growing wary of the risks of China's expanding influence in the Arctic. China considers itself a “near-Arctic state.”

2017/01/03 | Jichang Lulu

China, Greenland and Competition for the Arctic

As China’s presence in Greenland crystallizes, attempts to gain influence beyond just mining permits should naturally become more frequent.