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2017/07/13 | TNL Staff
'The Chinese Government Has Lost' - Tributes for Liu Xiaobo
'His courage and his sacrifice for his country will inspire millions of Chinese activists and dissidents to persevere.'
2017/04/07 | You Guijun
Why Bans on Paper Money Will Anger China’s Ghosts
Local clampdowns on burning joss paper strike at the heart of ancestor worship.
2017/04/04 | Zhong Changqian
What Chinese People Talk About When They Talk About Death
Three people who deal with death — a carer, doctor and notary — share their experiences.
2016/11/26 | TNL Staff
PHOTO STORY: Fidel Castro Dies
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died, aged 90.
2016/11/18 | Oommen C Kurian
India's Disappearing Dead: The Story Of Dengue in Delhi
Data shows that officials have been massively underreporting the number of deaths caused by dengue fever in Delhi.
2016/10/31 | The Japan Times
Japan Still Grappling with Tsunami Deaths Lawsuit
The case shouldn't be closed on the tsunami disaster at Okawa Elementary School until all testimony is heard and all evidence weighed.
2016/09/08 | Medigo
Mortality and Causes of Death: 2015 and 2030
How global health will develop over the next 14 years?
2016/08/08 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: Pokémon Go and the Death of Reality
When funeral homes start offering discounts for people who die because of a mobile game, we know there’s a problem with our society.