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2016/07/23 | Angela Stanzel
Chinese Culture After the Cultural Revolution
Although China caught up economically rapidly after the Cultural Revolution, 10 years of stagnation in the Chinese society’s development left gaps in education and knowledge about Chinese history and culture that remain irretrievable.
Watch a Melodramatic Communist Ballet from 1964
A ballerina weeps over the hammer and sickle in Mao's production of "The Red Detachment of Women."
2017/01/29 | Raj Verma
BOOK REVIEW: 'China and the New Maoists'
In 'China and the New Maoists,' Kerry Brown and Simone Van Nieuwenhuizen examine the endurance of Mao as a figure with continued, albeit controversial, resonance in contemporary China, with a particular focus on the emergence of 'new Maoism.' This compelling book is a must-read for those looking to get a better understanding of China’s recent history and its internal politics, writes Raj Verma.
How Politics Influenced, and Continues to Influence Sexual Expression in China
'Contemporary research on sex in China should consider how different governing strategies and socio-economic arrangements produce particular types of sexual cultures, rather than simply reinforcing the East–West divide.'
2017/06/01 | Cai Yiwen
From Propaganda Ballets to Dance for the People
Once a Cultural Revolution dancer, Wen Hui has become a pioneer of choreography that focuses on the experiences of real people.
2017/06/10 | Oiwan Lam
China's Latest Book Ban: An Award-Winning Novel About the Deadly Consequences of Land Reform
The Chinese government has recently banned the sale of an award-winning novel about land reform in the Cultural Revolution era. However, a digital copy was circulated online and won readers’ applause.
2017/06/27 | Wu Yue
The Chinese Man Who Swam to Hong Kong
In 1973, Chan Hak-chi and his wife swam six hours through a typhoon to leave the chaos of China’s Cultural Revolution.
2017/08/05 | Zhang Liping
Family Trees Make a Comeback among Retirees in China
With many genealogical records lost in the Cultural Revolution, Chinese elders are going to great lengths to trace their roots.
2017/09/26 | Liang Chenyu
Studying in the US Post-Cultural Revolution
Visiting Chinese scholar reflects on his experience at the dawn of a new age in Sino-US relations.
2017/12/22 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Cultural Revulsion at Public Execution Hearings
Public sentencing of death row convicts in China attracts morbid onlookers and recalls public shaming of the Cultural Revolution.