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2018/09/28 | Taiwan Insight
The 'Realist' Case for the US to Keep Supporting Taiwan
Some US commentators have called for the US to be 'realistic' and compromise with China on Taiwan. But supporting Taiwan is the truly realistic option.
2017/04/05 | Lauren Dickey
Taiwan’s Search for Security Partners: Looking Beyond Washington
While Taiwan’s defense will continue to benefit greatly from the relationship with Washington, such ties should not preclude Taiwanese efforts to look elsewhere for partners in similar strategic circumstances.
2017/01/14 | Sam Roggeveen
South China Sea: Tillerson Throws a Rhetorical Bomb
Even if Tillerson and the Trump team walk back these comments in coming days, they will no doubt be remembered in Beijing.
2016/06/17 | Shuhei Omi
Cross-Strait Watch No. 1
Welcome to the first issue of our weekly overview of key events in cross-strait relations.