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2018/07/27 | Michael Beltran
OPINION: Former President Gloria Arroyo Resurrects to Inflict More Terror
As the former Philippines president is elevated to the role of Speaker of the House, the Philippines reflects on her painful legacy.
2018/07/02 | AsiaGlobal Online
Addressing the Problem of Corruption in the Asia-Pacific
Corruption is the elephant in the room when it comes to improving economic efficiency in Asia.
2018/06/13 | Mongabay
Indonesia Elections: Corruption, Land Sales and Environmental Crisis
Land sales by corrupt politicians to pay off corporate donors are driving electoral, environmental and social crises in the Indonesia.
2018/02/26 | TIME
INDONESIA: Widodo Makes Show of Paying for Metallica Album
The gift was presented by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen on a state visit last year.
2018/02/14 | Jeffrey Hutton
Corruption 101: An Insider's Guide to Graft in Indonesia
Jeffery Hutton offers a rare peek inside the sooty world of coal mining and the greased palms that make it happen.
2017/10/05 | Lingling Mao
China’s Disgraceful Internet Celebrity
When the gap between rich and poor is so wide and corruption is so rife, the public may have found a way to unleash their anger via Guo Meimei.
2017/07/23 | Renaud Egreteau
The Emergence of Pork Barrel Politics in Myanmar
Concerns over the waste of public money, corruption, and the entrenchment of political clientelism in Burma.
2017/06/26 | Daniel Fazio
Money is Power: Chinese Political Donations Threaten Australian Democracy
Australia’s political parties taking substantial donations from sources linked to the Chinese Communist Party raises serious concerns, Daniel Fazio writes.
2017/05/28 | Li Hui
Chinese Writers Capture Voices of the Corrupt
Nonfiction works like ‘Zhui Wen’ are challenging public perceptions of the graft by writing from the perspectives of the perpetrators.
2017/05/26 | Rebecca Schectman
Malaysia Must Wake Up to Its Human Trafficking Problem
Currently, the Global Slavery Index estimates 128,800 individuals are trapped in modern day slavery in Malaysia. That’s about 0.4% of Malaysia’s total population
2017/05/23 | Kuan Chen
WeChat 'Red Envelopes' Scandalize a Student Election in Sydney
Worlds collide: A university election in Australia was marred by allegations of bribery involving a Chinese student and a popular WeChat feature.
2017/05/18 | Audrey Jiajia Li
A Few Home Truths Revealed in China's ‘House of Cards’
'With the clear aim of celebrating President Xi Jinping’s campaign to crack down on corrupt tigers and flies', the drama not only marked the end of a 13-year-long ban on the production and broadcast of corruption-themed TV shows, it was also granted unprecedented flexibility by the censors,' wrote Chinese independent filmmaker Audrey Jiajia Li.
2017/05/09 | Kyle Pope
Moon Victory Imminent in South Korea
As liberal Moon Jae-in looks set to grab the South Korean presidency, Kyle Pope examines the politics that got him into pole position.
2017/04/27 | Jeffrey Hutton
Coldplay, Ahok and Fixing Jakarta
To make progress in Jakarta, it won’t be enough to simply say: 'I will fix you.'