2018/07/17 | TNL Staff

PHILIPPINES: A 5 Step Guide to Becoming a Communist Guerrilla

Interested in joining the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines? A millennial shares some inside observations to help you decide whether you have what it takes.

2017/02/22 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: Fighting a Country with Words, 4 Years a Chinese Prisoner

'The history of mankind has gone on for thousands of years, and that of the Communist Party only a few decades. Perhaps one day when they collapse, your books will still exist.'

2016/12/07 | Christopher Lew

Complexities of Controlling the Gun: the Army's Role in Chinese Politics

'In the end, a professional and outward-looking People’s Liberation Army is a double-edged sword.'

2016/10/26 | Jessica C. Teets

How Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Reduces Local Discretion and Policy Innovation

Xi's 'Tigers and Flies' campaign has negatively impacted both the economy and governance.

2016/10/24 | Mike Lee

'Just Win, Baby'

Good luck trying to tell Messrs Trump and Davis and the Communist Party to start learning how to lose.