Cold War

冷戰(英語:Cold War)指的是第二次世界大戰之後,以美國為首的傳統西方列強及其盟國(西方陣營)、與以蘇聯為首的共產主義國家及其衛星國(東歐集團)之間長達半世紀的政治對抗。 --來自 維基百科

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2021/08/10 | The Interpreter

“I Am a Taiwanese”: Eastern Europeans See a Cold War in East Asia

Memories of life under authoritarianism forge ties between Taiwan and a growing number of Eastern European states.

2021/08/03 | The Interpreter

China Threatens the West’s Primacy, Not Its Democratic Systems

Cold War tropes misrepresent Beijing’s challenge, and exaggerate its material and ideological power.