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2017/09/28 | Ma Te
Fast-Fading Memories of Harbin’s Migrant History
A stream of Russian refugees once made the far-flung northeastern city their home, but now only a handful of descendants remain to tell their stories.
2017/08/14 | Jules Quartly
(Re)Naming Yourself in Asia and Beyond
The millennial obsession with multiple online identities is balanced by the fact that 'real' names still mean something.
2017/06/16 | Ryan Thorpe
Why China's Top College Students Are Failing to Meet English Writing Standards
A focus on excessively verbose language is failing to prepare test-takers for college-level academic writing.
2017/04/20 | Li Guangshou
Are Major Auditors Helping Chinese Firms Get Away with Fraud?
Market dominance by the Big Four accounting firms may be helping unscrupulous companies get listed on US stock exchanges.
2017/04/16 | Edward White
Will Taiwan Accept Chinese Asylum Seeker?
The lack of an asylum law in Taiwan opens up the case of the Chinese activist seeking asylum to administrative discretion. But an American lawyer in Taipei does not expect the man to be deported.
2017/04/03 | John Lee
The Rise of the New Chinese Diaspora
The high-skilled Chinese diaspora is ideally placed to mediate the two-way flow of funds and information.   
2017/03/28 | TNL Staff
Riot Breaks Out in Paris After Police Kill Chinese Man
Witnesses say the police used batons and tear gas to break up the group.
2017/03/13 | Keith Menconi
Brothers Paid to Translate YouTube Silliness for Chinese Speakers
BC and Lowy on bringing English language YouTube silliness to a Chinese speaking audience.
2017/02/20 | Jeffrey Hutton
The Heart of the Matter in Jakarta
The silver lining from Wednesday’s results is that Ahok, an ethnic Chinese, was on the ballot at all, writes Jeffrey Hutton in Jakarta.
2017/01/03 | Matt DeButts
North or South? What’s Behind China’s Linguistic Rivalry
The standardization of Mandarin allows Chinese speakers to move among regional identities — but the feud over pronunciation rages on.
2016/11/03 | Hydar Saharudin
Confronting 'Chinese Privilege' in Singapore
Can coming face-to-face with a complex issue ensure justice, equality, and racial harmony in the Southeast Asian island state? Hydar Saharudin takes a look.
2016/10/11 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwan Offers Free Flights to Attract Japanese Tourists
Taiwan hopes a generous travel subsidy will boost Japanese tourist numbers in the final two months of the year.
2016/10/04 | ZiQing Low
Hong Kong Universities are Losing China's Top Students
Political instability and sliding university rankings are to blame as China's top students turn away from Hong Kong, a report says.
2016/09/23 | Richard Aidoo
Why Anti-Chinese Sentiment in Africa Is on the Rise
China’s increasing presence across the African continent has led to social conflict.
2016/07/19 | Edward White
[UPDATED] 26 Killed in Bus Crash in Taiwan
Three children were among the 26 people killed in a bus crash in Taiwan this afternoon. All but two were Chinese nationals.
2016/06/30 | Yuan-ling Liang
Want to Learn a Language While Watching YouTube?
A new app developed in Taiwan allows language learners to tap on the characters and words in YouTube video subtitles.