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2018/01/22 | Kevin McCauley
China Attempts to Accelerate Military Reform Plans
China has shifted course and is working on developing disruptive technologies, but still has a long way to go.
PHOTO STORY: A Busy Year on the South China Sea
China continues its island-building campaign on the South China Sea under the watchful eye of satellites.
2017/04/24 | David Shinn
China’s Power Projection in the Western Indian Ocean
Since 2008, China has significantly increased its naval presence in the Indian Ocean, giving rise to Indian concerns of potential military encirclement and raising questions in American strategic thinking about China’s ultimate objectives.
2017/03/09 | Jingdong Yuan
China's Defense Spending: What's Behind the Slowdown?
Beijing will continue to spend as appropriate on its defense, but at a level that won’t cause too much alarm and can't be used in "China threat" rhetoric.
2016/12/31 | John Costello
China's Cyber-Focused Military Unit Emerges from the Shadows
The 'Strategic Support Force' has become a force optimized for combat in space, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic domain that will enhance the PLA’s capability to fight and win future information wars.
2016/12/11 | Arthur Ding
China's Party-Military Relations After Xi’s Military Reforms
It is very unlikely that the military’s special status in the PRC constitution and CCP charter will be drastically changed in order to ensure greater oversight by relevant agencies of the party and state.