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2018/10/16 | The Interpreter
China's CGTN Public Broadcaster Is Hungry for Australian Viewership
Can the China Global Television Network, a reboot of CCTV, compete with BBC and CNN?
2018/08/07 | Global Voices
More Reasons Why Chinese Accusations of Western Media Bias Fall Short
Further analysis of Chinese claims that it is victimized by Western media bias fails to prove much beyond the commitment of English-language journalists to document human rights violations in China.
2018/08/03 | Global Voices
Here's Why Chinese Accusations of Western Media Bias Fall Short
China often claims to be the victim of biased coverage by the Western media, but an analysis of media behavior fails to prove the hypothesis.
2016/03/15 | TNL 編輯
LGBT Content Banned On Chinese Television As Xi Enforces New Media Policies
China’s media policy has begun tightening after Xi Jinping’s announcement of centralizing communication platforms. Popular Chinese LGBT online television dramas have also been removed due to their content not passing the new regulations.