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2019/03/14 | James Borton
China at a Crossroads on Economic Growth at National People's Congress
Chinese attempts to jumpstart its sluggish economy at this year's National People's Congress overlook the country's previously stated environmental goals.
2018/06/14 | Peter Lundgreen
OPINION: Oil Price Rises Could Push US and China Back into a Trade War
The threat of a trade war between the US and China has receded, but the battle could quickly rejoin with renewed intensity.
2017/01/04 | Yiping Huang
Economic Uncertainty Hangs Over China in 2017
Property development, infrastructure spending and manufacturing investment are the sources of much uncertainty about the future of China’s economic policy.
2016/12/13 | The Japan Times
China Controls Its WTO Destiny
China cannot enjoy the advantages of market economy status while avoiding the costs it entails.
2016/11/21 | He Fan
Time to Wipe Out China's Army of Zombie Enterprises
For years, China's government and banks have backed unprofitable businesses for fear of mass unemployment. Now is the time to start feeling the pain before it becomes unbearable, argues He Fan.