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2017/03/29 | ZiQing Low
Taiwanese Detained in China Talked Democracy, Human Rights on WeChat
Lee Ming-cheh is being detained in China by a branch of the state security police.
2017/03/29 | Oiwan Lam
China's Great Firewall Gives Rise to a Robust Industry of Information Smugglers
More often than not, information smugglers prioritize things like click rates over hard-hitting public interest journalism.
2017/03/29 | Michael Reilly
Confucianism, Morality and Chinese Diplomacy
Without a moral underpinning to its actions, China will struggle to build influence where it most needs it.
2017/03/28 | Wu Xiaobo
Why Bike-Sharing in China Is a Myth
Sharing is the last priority of companies like Mobike and Ofo, which are driven solely by amassing vast customer deposits.
2017/03/28 | ZiQing Low
South Korean Retailer Strains to Win Back Chinese Customers
Nearly 90 Lotte stores in China have been shut down amid China’s boycott of South Korea.
2017/03/28 | David C. Logan
The Evolution of the PLA’s Red-Blue Exercises
The recent reforms to the military’s Red-Blue exercises will likely help improve the training and operational capabilities of the PLA, as well as the Chinese military’s own understanding of the tactics of potential foreign adversaries.
2017/03/28 | Jackson Kwok
How China’s Media Saw Li Keqiang’s Australian Visit
Chinese state media coverage of the premier’s visit aimed to promote China as a champion of global free trade and open markets.
2017/03/27 | Ni Dandan
China’s Child Models Trade Childhood for Livelihood
As the country’s online fashion industry booms, parents are choosing photography studios over kindergartens for their children.
2017/03/24 | Steven Yet
Hong Kong Election: A Choice Between Lesser Evils
If Beijing continues to run a shallow election, picking a ‘lesser evil’ is just another façade.
2017/03/24 | Baogang He
What is the Official Chinese Take on Trump?
There may exist a diverse range of Chinese opinions but only one really matters.
2017/03/23 | Mark Stocker
Taiwan’s International Sporting Goods Show Missing A Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity?
While TaiSPO was once the go-to show for sports equipment buyers from around the globe, a repositioning is needed to deliver a new generation of meaningful growth for the industry.