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2018/02/18 | Sam Swash
REVIEW: 'The Authoritarian Public Sphere' Ponders the Resilience of Dictatorships
In this book, Alexander Dukalskis offers insight into the efforts of three of Asia’s longest standing authoritarian regimes to legitimize and maintain their rule.
2018/02/16 | Wilson VornDick
Will China's Military Embrace Blockchain?
Even as China cracks down on cryptocurrencies, blockchain remains intrinsically useful to the defense and intelligence sectors.
2018/02/13 | Frederick Kuo
Cobalt: The Element Redefining China-Congo Relations
If the Congolese political crisis destabilizes the country, it could disrupt China’s vital supply of cobalt and global supply chains.
2018/02/11 | Fu Danni
More Chinese Migrants Are Saying No to New Year
The Chinese tradition giving away money in red envelopes is keeping some migrant workers from their homes..
2018/02/09 | Isaac Stone Fish
China to Clamp Down on VPNs, Reinforce Great Firewall
China's internet censorship is about to get a little bit heavier.
2018/02/08 | Liang Chenyu
Bucking a Global Trend, China's Trust in Media Soars
Globally, distrust of media was alarmingly high. However, Chinese viewers seem to trust their media more than you'd think.
2018/02/07 | Ngo Di Lan
OPINION: Are American Freedom of Navigation Operations Necessary?
The U.S. is determined to resist Chinese expansion in the South China Sea, but it may not have the political will to make regular patrols.
2018/02/06 | Simon Chadwick
Can China Learn to Dominate the Winter Olympics?
China is already preparing for the 2022 Beijing Olympics, but first the country must learn to ski.
2018/02/06 | Jonathan Sullivan
Balancing Perspectives in the Teaching of Chinese Students
Teaching overseas Chinese students presents a unique but by no means insurmountable challenge.
Asia's Nuclear Powers Switch Focus to New Missile Technologies
As the arm races keep escalating in Asia, maintaining strategic stability in 2018 will only become more difficult.
2018/01/29 | Graeme Smith
China's Fake Police Statistics Are a Powerful Propaganda Tool
The Chinese policing system relies upon confessions, not forensics or profiling.
2018/01/19 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Taiwan's Glorious Balancing Act
Taiwan is spinning pirouettes while the rest of the region plods towards authoritarianism, according to a Freedom House report.
2018/01/19 | Laure Deron
Macron Returns from China Hoping for More Equal Trade
France runs a deep trade deficit with China, but Macron has signaled his intent to shift the approach to trade in general.
2018/01/16 | Dai Wangyun
A Brief History of China's Great Squat Toilet Divide
From the outset, public sanitation was bound up with the idea of creating a modern nation-state.
2018/01/15 | Frances Kitt
What Can China Gain from the Korean Olympic Talks?
China has been working behind the scenes to draw down tensions on the Korean peninsula.
2018/01/12 | Isaac Kfir
China Is Making Inroads in Israel as Trump Alienates Allies
China is challenging American hegemony everywhere, not just in the Asia-Pacific.
2018/01/05 | Simon Chadwick
China's FIFA World Cup is Inevitable
Despite their national team's defeats, China's influence over the world of soccer is on the rise.