Chiang Mai

清邁府(泰語:จังหวัดเชียงใหม่,皇家轉寫:Changwat Chiang Mai,泰語發音:[t͡ɕāŋ.wàt t͡ɕʰīaŋ.màj];蘭納語:ᨩ᩠ᨿᨦᩉᩲ᩠ᨾ᩵,tɕiaŋ.màj),泰國北部邊陲的一個府,北面與緬甸接壤。 --來自 維基百科


2019/05/15 | Michael Beltran

Thailand's 'Can Do' Bar, Run by Sex Workers, Stands for Workers' Rights and Dignity

A bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand which is collectively owned by sex workers is pushing for human dignity and rights for workers throughout the country.

2015/09/14 | Alvin

Thai University Resolves to Educate Selfie-addicted Chinese Tourists

Chiang Mai University says, they not only just collect the entrance fee from visitors but also take the chance to introduce Thai cultures to them, such as posting Chinese slogans in the cafeteria asking them to clean up the tables after eating or requesting them to take off shoes when entering the temples.