2021/03/05 | Nicholas Haggerty

What’s Going on With Taiwan’s Influencers?

What’s unique about the latest tabloid dramas in Taiwan is the extent to which the medical establishment has taken interest.

2017/09/08 | Kenrick Davis

'Blondie of China' on the Future of Music

The Nova Heart frontwoman talks about commercialization, community and China’s music culture.

2017/06/12 | Qian Zhecheng

China Closes Popular WeChat Accounts

Netizens incensed as internet watchdog begins enforcing June update to country’s cybersecurity law.

2017/01/12 | Shen Hexi

Why Spiritualism is China’s Newest Celebrity Fad

Expensive healing treatments are an obsession for the rich, but perplex internet users and attract scammers.

2016/09/13 | Chublic Opinion

Sex, Lies and Wang Baoqiang

Inadvertently, by displaying his flawed marriage to millions of viewers, 'dumb root' poses a not so dumb ethical conundrum that proves challenging for a society constantly renegotiating the borderline between private autonomy and the collective purpose as a community.