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2018/06/14 | Michael Beltran
A Gospel for the Barrios: The Philippines' Unshakable Sister Patricia Fox
The Australian nun's story of state-led persecution at the hands of the president himself throws into sharp relief what it means to be a missionary and a Filipino.
2017/02/27 | Chublic Opinion
China and the Atheist Manifesto
A recent revision of a low-level administrative regulation aiming at maintaining social order stirred up a great controversy online in China.
2017/02/24 | Thomas DuBois
What’s Behind China's Rapprochement with the Vatican?
China has struggled to find a solution to the religious resurgence that has been growing since the 1990s.
2016/08/30 | Michael Reilly
Taiwan and the Catholic Church
Taiwan’s relationship with the Catholic church, while good, can hardly be described as strong.