加泰隆尼亞(加泰隆尼亞語:Catalunya;西班牙語:Cataluña;奧克語:Catalonha)是位於伊比利半島東北部的地區,為西班牙的自治區之一,首府巴塞隆納,下轄巴塞隆納、萊里達、赫羅納、塔拉戈納等4省。 --來自 維基百科


2018/09/26 | Nick Aspinwall

INTERVIEW: The Inside Story on How Spain Bowed to China's Threats on Academic Freedom

The China-forced cancellation of a Taiwan cultural event at Spain's University of Salamanca raises concerns over the terms of China's engagement with international universities.

2017/10/05 | Hector Muñoz

Catalonia and Taiwan? Not the Same

It’s important to check the political reality before falling victim to emotion when it comes to discussing issues of independence.