嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎(英語:Coronavirus disease 2019,縮寫:COVID-19、英國 /ˈkəʊvɪdnʌɪnˈtiːn/、美國 /ˌkoʊvɪdnaɪnˈtiːn/),是一種由嚴重急性呼吸系統綜合徵冠狀病毒2(縮寫:SARS-CoV-2)引發的傳染病。 --來自 維基百科

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2020/09/25 | Voice of America
Vietnam’s Economic Hopes Fade as Covid-19 Takes Away Business
Will Vietnam's Covid-19 response help the country stay competitive as a manufacturing go-to spot in Asia when the pandemic is over?
2020/09/23 | East Asia Forum
Covid-19 Exposes Gaps in South Korea’s Social Security System
Covid-19 has exposed a weak point in the South Korean social security system. One option on the table is a universal basic income.
2020/09/22 | TNL Staff
Staycation in Taiwan: An Alternative to Flying Nowhere
Some tourism experts think staycations will become part of a more long-lasting change in travel behavior.
2020/09/16 | Deutsche Welle
Asian Economies To Shrink for First Time in 60 Years
Due to the devastating and prolonged effects of Covid-19, Asian economies are expected to end the year in negative territory for the first time since the 1960s, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank.
2020/09/14 | Voice of America
The Price of Beijing's Vaccine Diplomacy in Southeast Asia
With few options for obtaining doses, many of the countries China is targeting may mute their objections to Beijing’s policies on issues such as the contested South China Sea
2020/09/10 | The Interpreter
Rising Protests and a Sinking Economy Spell Trouble in Thailand
A wave of dissatisfaction with the ruling elite and a Covid-induced recession have shaken the country’s foundations.
2020/08/31 | Coco Dollanganger
Serial Corruption Plagues Philippines National Health Insurance
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), a state healthcare insurer affiliated with the Department of Health, is embroiled in a Senate probe involving thousands of fraudulent claims and mismanagement of funds.
2020/08/27 | Deutsche Welle
North Korea and Coronavirus: Hide-And-Seek With the World
Coronavirus has left a trail of destruction for many neighboring countries — but in Pyongyang, leader Kim Jong Un denies that there have been any infections. Is this true?
2020/08/25 | Daphne K. Lee
Taiwan’s Covid-19 Testing Strategy Divides Public Health Experts
A canceled press conference on Covid-19 antibody testing is the latest episode dividing Taiwan’s public health experts.
2020/08/24 | Voice of America
South Korea Warns It’s on Brink of Nationwide Pandemic
New infections have emerged in all of South Korea’s 17 regions.
2020/08/18 | Voice of America
Vietnam’s Economy Seen as Hopeful Despite Coronavirus Surge
Though normal commerce has screeched to a near halt in Da Nang, Vietnam, residents and observers have expressed confidence in the government's response.
2020/08/18 | Michael Beltran
Philippines Lockdown Lifted, No Relief for Frontline Workers
The lockdown in Metro Manila may have been lifted, but neither Covid-19 nor the crisis in the healthcare system shows signs of relenting.
2020/08/12 | Voice of America
Taiwan Plans to Shift Medical Supply Chain Away from China
Taiwanese industry experts say the memorandum will bring business opportunities to Taiwan, especially if the U.S. provides technology transfers in advanced medical material.
2020/08/10 | Sally Jensen
Covid-19 Casts New Light on Taiwan’s Pangolin Conservation
Pangolin conservation is all the more important during Covid-19 as the endangered species may offer researchers insights into new treatment strategies for the virus.
2020/07/30 | Voice of America
After Nearly Erasing Covid-19, Vietnam Grapples With a Spike
Vietnam has fewer than 500 cases and no deaths, but a recent spike of 19 cases has compelled the government to seal off Danang, a tourism hub.
2020/07/28 | TNL Staff
Taiwan Confirms 5 Imported Cases; Expert Calls For Mandatory Testing
Increasing concerns over the possibility of undetected cases in Taiwan have led to calls for mandatory testing for all incoming and departing travelers.
2020/07/27 | TNL Staff
Taiwanese Indie Band Deca Joins Rolls With '2020 Canceled Tour'
Taiwan's music industry is in the doldrums because of Covid-19. But one indie band, Deca Joins, is taking the challenge as an opportunity to show the importance of live music.