2019/06/27 | Taiwan Insight

Rap for the Machine: How the CCP Co-Opted Chinese Rap

Chinese Rap artists, such as CD Rev, are aligning their songs with the views of the CCP in terms of their Taiwan and Xinjiang narratives in return for access to the tools that will bring their groups wild success within the PRC.

2017/03/30 | The Japan Times

Arrest in China Unnerves Australia

China's detention of a Sydney professor spotlights its questionable record when it comes to respect for academic freedom and human rights, and casts a shadow over Sino-Australian relations.

2017/03/27 | Rosemary Chen

Academic Who Opposed ‘Mao Concert’ Blocked from Leaving China

Professor Feng Chongyi has been outspoken about Beijing’s political influence in Chinese communities in Australia.

2016/07/25 | Shuhei Omi

Behind China's Global Propaganda Campaign

'The Party wants to fundamentally change the conversation at the global level so as to defend China’s interests abroad and reinforce the ideological consensus at home.'