佛教(英語:Buddhism)起源於古印度河流域迦毗羅衛國(今尼泊爾和印度邊界間靠近尼泊爾)的王室太子悉達多·喬答摩於35歲修道成爲釋迦牟尼佛後在約前6世紀對弟子開示的「苦、集、滅、道」的教導內容,因緣轉趨為宗教化,為現代世界三大宗教之一。 --來自 維基百科


2017/01/27 | Daniel P Sullivan

The Rohingya Crisis and Suu Kyi’s Chance

Myanmar’s foreign minister and de-facto leader is caught between conflicting international and domestic pressures over the Rohingya crisis, but Daniel P Sullivan argues she can harness the growing chorus of international criticism to break down the barriers to change.

2016/07/04 | Edward White

Burma Rocked by Anti-Muslim Protests After Arson Attacks on Mosques

Is Myanmar’s new government 'sending the wrong signal' to violent, anti-Muslim Buddhists as religious tensions escalate?