英式搖滾(英語:Britpop)是另類搖滾的類型之一,源自於英國九零年代初期的獨立音樂圈,其中以幾個受到英國六七零年代吉他流行樂影響的樂團最具代表性。 --來自 維基百科


2017/02/22 | Stephen Lee Naish

Book Review: 1996 and The End of History by David Stubbs

In '1996 and The End of History,' journalist and author David Stubbs examines a year — 1996 — that marked the pinnacle of a decade, not just in politics but across music, entertainment and sport. Tying together the political and cultural landscapes of mid 90s Britain, this is a valuable addition to the current critical reassessment of a period that seemed to promise sunnier times ahead. But, asks Stephen Lee Naish, could it ever last?