英國脫歐(英語:Brexit,即Britain和exit;也譯作英國退歐)是指英國退出歐洲聯盟的行動,使英國不再受歐盟法律、歐洲單一市場及若干自由貿易協定約束,並可取回對移民政策的控制權。 --來自 維基百科


2019/08/26 | David Evans

OPINION: The Rise of Eccentric Third Parties in Taiwan and UK

In both the U.K. and Taiwan, a third force is disrupting the longtime two-party political balance.

2017/12/18 | David Green

Vibrant yet Dangerous: Taiwan’s Democracy Flies Sunward

The pace of change in the legislative yuan is breathtaking and illustrative of a vibrant young democracy, but changes to referendum laws open a Pandora’s box.  

2017/07/31 | Silvia Menegazzi

The Trials of Keeping the International System Afloat: EU–China Relations in the Trump Era

In a post-Brexit scenario, the EU strategy of prioritizing democracy-first, rule-of-law and human rights discourses with China may not be sustainable over economic pragmatism.

2017/03/06 | Tim Reilly and Kun-Chin Lin

The Russian Variable in Post-Brexit UK Foreign Relations with China, the US and EU

The post-Brexit context reveals an opportunity for the UK to benefit from the existing Sino-Russian relations in Eurasia and the changing interests of the US in Europe.

2017/03/02 | Michael Reilly

BREXIT, China and the Prospects for an FTA

Would an FTA between the UK and China make any significant difference to existing trade patterns?

2017/02/09 | Rod Wye

The UK and China: Resetting the Relationship

A strong economic relationship with China remains a key objective of post-Brexit UK foreign policy, but what does the UK have to look out for when establishing a new relationship with China?

2016/07/12 | Edward White

U.K. Tries to Quell Brexit Fears in Taipei

'If I can reassure you, and get that into your papers and broadcast media, that is what I am seeking to do here.'

2016/06/29 | David Green

DDG Puts Its Bets on Taiwan

The Brexit decision shows how low thresholds can result in disaster, but being bold is often the only way to succeed.

2016/06/21 | Shuhei Omi

What Brexit Would Mean For Asia

The Brexit vote this week looms over Europe, but how will it affect Asia? A quick tour d'horizon.